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Self Employed or 1099 Employee Auto,Truck Loan

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Self Employed Auto Loans


There are many instances of people who gave up their cosy and paying job for the want of starting their own operations. Being self employed gives them the thrill of being able to work on a project from start to finish. It also helps them in making full utilisation of their skills. Lenders however do not consider the self employed worthy enough to qualify for their loans. Regular loans require a systematic payment from the borrower's side. Self employed people, with an unsteady incidence of income are deemed incapable of making regular payments. 

The reason behind lenders refusal to self employed or 1099 employees is in no way motivated by the concern for safety of the amount lent. Lenders are well aware of the high paying potential that self employed people can offer. It's for this reason that a large number of loan providers have come up with special loan deals for self employed people. These loans are known as self employed loans and are built in a form as to incorporate the features of the self employed people.

Trying to find a way by which self employed borrowers can make payments towards the self employed loans and also not be tied to fixed obligations, loan providers hit upon the flexible method of payment. Under a flexible method of payment, the loan provider does not tie borrowers to a watertight payment structure. The borrower has the option to pay as much as he wants against the loan taken. The months when profits see a high, payment too can be made of a higher amount. The higher payment will provide for the times when profit from operations is not as high. These are the times when underpayment on account of self employed loan can be made. The payment is left for the borrower to decide. He can decide the payment according to his state of financial affairs.

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Payment holidays form another important feature of self employed loans. A payment holiday is when borrowers take completely off from making payments. This is when borrowers' finances see a bad turn or when the borrower has other important expenses to make. Borrowers must discuss their financial situation and the reasons behind the payment holiday with the loan provider before the payment holiday is approved.

Would lenders have accepted to mould the repayment structure in this manner in a regular loan? No! Most loan providers expressly prohibit over payments or underpayments, stating that such moulding of the repayment structure of a regular loan would increase the number of calculations that they have to make. Thus the borrowers of regular personal loans have to make fixed payments whatever their financial status.

Self employed loans are also beneficial for borrowers who have experienced bad credit history in the past. Through self employed loans, such entrepreneurs can raise the necessary finance easily. Any regular loan lender would have fussed a lot on the bad credit history and would have raised the interest rate largely.

Self employed loans help borrowers make up for an important discrepancy. The self employed people are not able to prove their income. In fact, they cover up their income to evade taxes. Lenders, who need income records to check viability of borrower for loans, feel unsafe to deal with persons who only claim to have a certain income. Self employed loans can in such cases work as a self certified loan where borrowers have to certify their income.

For the convenience and flexibility that is offered on self employed loans, the self employed people will have to make an extra payment in terms of interest. Self employed loans carry a higher percentage of interest. Still borrowers will not feel the pinch because interest rates now are at an all time low level. The typical interest rates or APR start from 7%. At any other time, borrowers would have to pay expensively for the self employed loans.

Self employed loans present an important method whereby borrowers can convert the excess of equity in their home. The terms on which self employed loans is lent is further going to improve if the borrower has pledged certain collateral to the loan provider. The loan proceeds can be conveniently used for any of the personal as well as business purposes that the borrower desires. Lenders, in a bid to make the self employed loans more flexible, wouldn't interrupt in the borrowers' decision of usage.

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Bad Credit Automotive Finance

Auto Credit Financial




Auto Credit Financial Services provides a wide range of sub prime special finance loans to clients with less than perfect credit.  Our 25 years of service and experience gives us the one up on other online agencies that simply pass on your information to another source for processing. We work on all applications in house, with real people making credit decisions based on many different factors including employment and prior credit histories.




Shop Around before you purchase apply at Auto Credit Financial then shop!


While plenty of financial institutions may be interested in giving you a loan despite your credit situation, you’re probably going to have to work harder to find them―and to locate the best deal for you.


Simply relying on the dealer to obtain the financing for you is the easy way out, and will likely cost you. Sure, the dealer wants you to buy the car from them, but they’ll also seeking to make a profit through the financing. And, that usually means steeper interest rates and other charges than you'd find elsewhere.


So, try to avoid dealer financing unless you’re convinced it’s the best you can do.


Instead, do your homework before you go to the showroom. Know what’s available to you, and if possible, secure your financing beforehand.


While you can search online for bad credit auto loans, don’t forget to visit local banks and credit unions. And, be sure to inquire with financial institutions you already have a relationship with, even if it’s just for a checking account. Banks tend to view current customers with flawed credit more favorably than strangers with the same background.






Bad credit? No problem


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 Tips for Car Buyers The "Good Bad and Ugly" get_approved

Who doesn't dream of owning a good automobile that can dish up the needs of a family, especially during such tough economic times? Though there is a surge in the debt and the unemployment level in the US, owning a personal vehicle is almost obligatory and can no longer be considered as a luxury.   There are various auto financing companies that offer you the best auto loans in the market that may help you realize the dream of buying your dream car. Getting the wrong auto finance option may push you deeper into the debt hole and you may immediately require consolidation of debt. There are various banks and financial institutions that specialize in providing you with auto loans within your budget. Have a look at some considerations before obtaining your auto loan that will ensure the best deal in the market.
  • Your credit score is the key consideration – Managing your credit
One of the most important things that you must do before applying for auto financing options is to review your credit report. Today’s lending industry is entirely based on credit and you will not find a single lender in the market who will lend you a loan without reviewing your credit report. Get a free copy of your credit report and check the errors that are dropping your total score. Dispute the errors and take other necessary steps to boost your score. A well-maintained score will ensure auto loans within an affordable rate.
  •  A frugal budget is a necessity – Knowing how much you can spend
Though diligent budgets know the importance of following a budget but diligent budgets are scarce. The rising debt level of the Americans is primarily due to the large number of people who do not follow a budget. Tracking your income and expenditure will help you get a clear picture of how much you can spend from the amount that you make each month. When you've decided about your auto loan amount, use a calculator to determine the monthly payments and check whether or not you can make ends meet.
  • The terms and conditions on the loan – Looking at the big picture
Though you may be primarily considered about getting the lowest priced auto loan in the market, but you must not forget that low costs does not always mean that you've achieved the best loan in the market. You also need to take a close look at the big picture including the terms and conditions of the auto loan. Check the amount that you need to pay as down payment to the loan. Most borrowers choose low down payments as this eases them temporarily but they’re oblivious that it may boost the monthly repayments over the long run. Thus, it is always advised that one should take an informed decision before choosing a loan.
  •  Staying protected during an emergency – Considering an insurance
You may find out that getting the best auto loans in the market is directly related to getting an insurance policy at the same time. Usually, when you are taking out an auto loan or a home loan, the lending company will offer you loan insurance so that they keep on receiving the payments even when you fail to pay due to some serious financial hardship. Though having an insurance policy is not a requirement, yet it can be a catalyst in helping you secure better rates.Right after you've chosen the automobile of your dreams, make sure you set your hands on the best auto loan in the market. Avoid taking any steps that may lead you to debts and force you to go for consolidation of debt. Manage your personal finances to repay the loan on time and stay creditworthy. Apply Online 
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Bad Credit Car Buying Information





Welcome to Auto Credit Financial, a company that is specialized in getting you approved for a bad credit auto car or truck loan regardless of your past credit history. Our team of experts specializes in helping good people who have faced financial challenges. We help people overcome all types of financial hurdles; bankruptcy, bad credit, divorce, collections, repossessions, self employed, low income. 


Our team specializes in clearing the full range of finance hurdles. We focus on achieving approval for 100% of our clients, and we have the confidence to reach that goal. When others have said no, we work to find you a solution. We can confidently say we will find you a solution to get you driving!




These are tough economic times, and there are many people out there with bad credit ranging from severe to minor blemishes. Often, those with the worst credit don’t even think achieving financing is possible. However, nothing could be further from the truth. We know how to achieve car loans no matter how bad your credit history is.


Sometimes a financial situation becomes so unmanageable that bankruptcy is the only option. In the aftermath, many people are skeptical to believe they can get financing for anything, let alone a car. Nevertheless, it’s not impossible, and with the proper knowledge and techniques, we can achieve it on your behalf. Moreover, we can continue to help you as your credit improves.




So many people believe that divorce marks the end of a couple’s problems, but in many cases, it’s just the start of the worst ones. Pre-divorce car loans can make for sticky situations, and they can leave you viewed unfairly by the banks and other finance companies. At Auto Credit Financial, we understand how to overcome the credit hurdles introduced by divorce, and get you the loan you deserve.




A catch-22 exists in the world of credit. No one wants to be the first to finance you without a cosigner. A cosigner is how most first-timers achieve credit. Unfortunately, a cosigner is not an option for a great many people. Fortunately, Auto Credit Financial knows the ins and outs of achieving credit for those with no credit history. We offer a wide variety of financial options for people without a proven track record of credit worthiness.


Did you know some lenders have special programs that are designed to help recent graduates of college and university start their financial future with ease? Even if you don’t have established credit we can help you secure a low rate on your first car loan! Ask one of our financial experts about our New Graduate Program!




It’s an unfortunate aspect of the system that hard-working, self-employed men and women are at a disadvantage when it comes to achieving credit. Many banks and financing companies won’t even entertain the idea of extending credit to a self-employed person. Auto Credit Financial has specialists on the team that know exactly what to do to get the self-employed the credit they deserve.


Don’t you consider it strange that most people spend all that time shopping for a car, and then tackle financing at the very end? Cars are usually the second biggest purchase a person will make, other than a house. Most people wouldn't dream about shopping for a house without being pre-approved for a mortgage. With Auto Credit Financial you can do just that! Get pre-approved for the lowest possible rates before you shop. Begin the car buying process with confidence that the money is there for you once you've found your new car.




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After years of delays, the credit industry finally agreed to give consumers access to their personal "credit scores." This is important, because lenders use credit scores to determine who to give credit to and at what rates. Knowing your credit score can be empowering,If it's low you can take steps to improve your credit worthiness and if it's high you may be able to use it as leverage when shopping for your next car loan.