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No matter if you live in Fort Washington, DC or Baltimore, you've probably experienced the thrill that comes when it's time to buy a new car. From choosing just the right model, going out on a test drive and reveling in that "new car smell" the car-shopping and buying process can be an exciting time for anyone.

On the other hand, there are the hours that you have to spend negotiating the car price, then waiting for the dealer to go get financing for your vehicle, and spending more than an hour signing on the bottom line to finalize the sale.


Maryland Bad Credit Auto Loans

Auto Credit Financial of Maryland was built as an solution to that tail-end of the traditional car buying process that usually has the effect of deflating any joy you once had. Rather than haggling with a salesperson for dealer financing and hoping that you get approved, you can walk into the dealership pre approved for a specific amount and know exactly how you should negotiate.

Rather than spending hours going over expensive financial paperwork, your pre approved loan through Auto Credit Financial of Maryland will require a minimum of paperwork at the dealership for financing your car.

Get your Auto Loan Pre Approved First

At Auto Credit Financial you'll be in charge of your own financial situation for purchasing a new or used car or even refinancing your current car. Rather than relying on typically padded and expensive dealer financing, you can receive several quotes from lenders to view and compare side-by-side before selecting the one that best suits you. 

Maryland Bad Credit Auto Loans

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Credit Information Before You Buy


After years of delays, the credit industry finally agreed to give consumers access to their personal "credit scores." This is important, because lenders use credit scores to determine who to give credit to and at what rates. Knowing your credit score can be empowering,If it's low you can take steps to improve your credit worthiness and if it's high you may be able to use it as leverage when shopping for your next car loan.