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Bakersfield Bad Credit Auto Loans


Auto Credit Financial of California approves thousands of loan applications each year. We have lenders & dealers that will approve loans for customers who have had previous bankruptcy and repossessions. A car loan, like any loan, depends on five things: your ability to pay back the car loan, length of employment, time at residence, credit history, and the value of the item you are purchasing. Auto Credit Financial works with hundreds of banks, dealers, and lenders in every city in California to help you get approved fast.

We have regional approval centers in Bakersfield, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento and San Jose.  We also have authorized new & used auto dealerships in all major cities in California for clients that have bad credit due to bankruptcy, divorce or loss of employment.


At Auto Credit Financial Services of California we assist all types of buyers who are looking to finance their automobile purchase.  We work with a network of dealers and lenders that can get even the worst credit approved with little or no money down.  You can apply online for fast, same day approval.

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