A couple of months ago my old trusty Datsun truck finally gave in. It’s funny how you develop a relationship with your car/truck over time. I had my Datsun since I was 17 and drove it till after college. We shared so many good (and bad) memories together. It is in my Datsun that I first kissed the girl of my dreams, while we looked out over lovers’ lane. That road trip, after high school with my mates in the back of my truck I will never forget.

Although old and unfashionable I loved my truck but as everything in life there comes a time when you have to let go, and after 10 years of loyal service, I had to finally say my goodbyes. Laugh all you want at this but I loved my truck, I really did.

Anyway I was suddenly faced with a bit of a problem. I tried to apply for automobile financing through numerous banks but all my auto credit loan applications got declined because I had  no credit rating. Jeez, what do you expect from a guy who just finished college? I was a poor student still looking for my first job. Like most students I had very little money to my name thus buying a new or used car was not something I could afford. I was in need of automobile financing but no one wanted to approve my loan. I really needed some wheels.

It started getting very embarrassing having my mom drop me off at my girlfriend's home and then my girlfriend driving me back home again. I started to worry just a bit. I needed to find an auto credit loan and fast!

I did ask my dad to lend me some cash, but his answer was we spent a small fortune on your student loan already – I felt bad about this so I was not going to push him.

Then it occurred to me. My friend Andrew, who was not much better off financially than I was at the time, recently bought a very nice used car. How on earth did he manage to get an auto credit loan, I thought to myself?

I decided to give Andrew a ring to find out how he managed to get automobile financing for his used truck. He said I could have saved a lot of effort for myself had I called sooner.

He told me about this great auto credit lender called Auto Credit Financial who is willing to give students with no credit rating a chance, to get some automobile financing. Big up to them, I might add, someone needs to give you a break if you have no credit rating. I mean how can you start building a credit rating if no one wants to give you any loans to start with?

Long story short I followed Andrews advice and went on over to Auto Credit Financials homepage.

I read up on everything I needed to know, it was pretty straight forward. I then went on, to apply for my auto credit loan, and guess what...they were willing to help!

They were willing to give me a pre approved loan, at a low interest rate. They offered me flexible and affordable repayments which I could payback over a period of 32 months (That’s 4 years!)  They even went as far as saying they would keep record of my timely monthly repayments to help me build a credit score. How nice!

With the help of Auto Credit Financial I now drive around with a 2008 Mazda Bantam truck. It is a pretty descent truck and I enjoy going on long Sunday afternoon drives with my new set of wheels .

I love my new Mazda truck and slowly I am getting over the loss of my old and trusty Datsun truck which I had for so long.

A big thank you to Auto Credit Financial for believing in me, while no one else did, and giving me the chance to get an auto credit loan even though I had no credit history. I would definitely recommend Auto Credit Financial to anyone struggling to find affordable automobile financing.


Hope you enjoyed reading.