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Auto Credit Financial Dealer Services announced today that they will begin to offer complete website packages including complete website financing for new and used car dealerships.


PRLog (Press Release)March 18, 2013 – New and Used Auto Dealers now can purchase or lease there own custom website from the same company that has been providing special finance leads to auto dealers for over 25 years.

CEO, Mark Hergert announced the new division today from the affiliate operations office located on the Big Island Of Hawaii (Kailua-Kona), Hergert stated that his company will offer special website development packages and custom application work exclusively for new and used car dealers. "The fact the we have been assisting auto dealers sell more cars through our various lead generation programs really gives us a one up in the automotive marketing arena"

Auto Credit Financial will offer 0.0%  financing for website development and custom automotive applications. Mark Hergert CEO of Auto Credit Financial is the Founder of Auto Net Financial created in 1997.

Auto Credit Financial uses proven business-to-business techniques to accelerate the conversion of leads to being sales ready. Over the course of 25 years in business we continuously focus on measuring, tweaking and perfecting the techniques that work in auto finance complex sales cycles. We combine our experience, creative approach commitment to quality with a passionate team of professional lead development experts to work with any size auto dealership delivering strong ROI in today’s market demands highly efficient automotive leads.

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Auto Credit Financial Testimonials


Auto Credit Financial


"I tried Auto Credit Financial thinking they would be just like all the other auto loan companies out there...all talk. Well, I'm sure glad I tried it. They referred me to a great dealership that took the time to understand my situation, got me the car and car loan I wanted and a great deal. Thank you."


— Lance H.

Auto Credit Financial Service is great & helped make our car purchase so easy, less time consuming, and less bothersome than dealing with a car salesmen. My wife was both surprised and very pleased that, with your special finance help, we achieved getting her a much needed vehicle. I can't thank you enough.

I will tell all my friends and neighbors just how easy and helpful you have been.


Yours truly,

Two very happy customers


Ed & Sherry Egelstrom, Redmond WA

"You guys were great for understanding our credit problem that we had. We had an excellent car buying experience. The car is excellent."


Auto Credit Financial

Angie Jenkins, Detroit MI

This is just a note to tell you how much we have appreciated your bad credit auto loan service and help thanks to you we are now the proud owners of a Chevrolet Tahoe that will ease our minds when it comes to safety for our kids and reliability for us. We can't thank you enough for getting us pre approved for a loan, and just as your ad says, your special finance car loan experts treated us with respect and professionalism from the beginning to the end. Thank you again..
John & Marlene Swarenger
 Portland, OR

I had been approved for an auto loan by another internet company about a week and a half ago and already had the bank draft in my hand and had looked at about 20 or so trucks but could not find anything that fit the bad credit parameters that were required for approval on a special finance truck loan. Plus so few dealers had trucks around here. Then the other day my wife was literally on her way out the door to look at some trucks when you called. So she called the  dealership you referred, found out where they were located and then went up there. To make a long story short I am now driving a truck that is better than anything I could have hoped for, my payments are where I want them, and the interest rate is 2 percent less than the other truck loan that I had! Thanks again!


First Time Buyer Refinance Your Lease Auto Loan
Bo Tyler, Chicago IL
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Bad Credit Auto & Truck Loans


Get Pre Approved For Car and Truck Loans

Credit Problems?

you’re certainly not alone as there are countless Americans that are in the same boat right there with you. This article will certainly give you the information that you need to overcome having bad credit so you can get on the road with a good auto loan.

What If my car was repossessed recently?

You will still get approved even if the repo person just left your front yard. Recent repossessions that are not included in a bankruptcy will not prevent you from being able to get approved, If that’s you, don't worry we got you covered!

If you have a good credit score we can help you, but bad credit is our specialty. Auto Credit Financial Services can get things done for you that you can’t get through other sources.

Have you been turned down for a car loan? If so, then you need to apply for a loan today at Auto Credit Financial.  We can work with you to find the financing and car or truck you need.  

We can help you build or re-establish credit and get you on the road quickly and easily. Have you ever considered having your financing approved before you set out picking out cars and going on test drives by having your financing arranged prior to shopping, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches.

You’ll know exactly what you’re qualified for, and above all, will probably get a lot better deal because you will have gone straight to the source, rather than going through third party dealerships.

Accepting a preapproved bank loan from and making timely payments over the long term will improve your credit history. If the preapproval is for a auto or truck loan be sure the financial institution is reputable and not a fly-by-night company.

Remember you are not required to accept any preapproved credit for which you did not apply and even for loans you seek out, nothing is finalized until you sign the contract.

Pre=Approved Bad Credit Auto & Truck Loans®

A Mark Hergert Company



What's My Payment?

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Credit Information Before You Buy


After years of delays, the credit industry finally agreed to give consumers access to their personal "credit scores." This is important, because lenders use credit scores to determine who to give credit to and at what rates. Knowing your credit score can be empowering,If it's low you can take steps to improve your credit worthiness and if it's high you may be able to use it as leverage when shopping for your next car loan.